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Newscape Funds applies unrivaled understanding and relationships.

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Newscape Funds responds rapidly with senior involvement and processes tailored to your situation.

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Newscape Funds leverages collective expertise from leading corporate financiers around the globe.

Newscape Funds

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By maintaining the highest standards of excellence, Newscape Funds has created a firm unlike any other in terms of proven proficiencies for advising on strategic transactions, experience and professionalism, and sheer dedication to clients.

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Newscape Funds PLC is an independent private financial advisory firm based in Dublin, Ireland with over 16 years of experience, developing invaluable contacts in Fintech and Emerging Markets. Our unrivaled combination of global and local expertise enables our clients to maximise emergent opportunities wherever you are located.

Global Connections

Dublin provides a gateway to Europe and has excellent links with the US, Australia, and the UK. We are one of the most globally connected cities in the world, being an ideal base for businesses and personal investment opportunities. Ireland is a successful FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) destination for many reasons, including a currently low tax rate of 12.5 percent for all domestic and foreign firms (Ireland is party to the October 2021 OECD-Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development deal on a global minimum corporate tax
that will set the tax rate to 15 percent)

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